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This Budget Hubsan Drone Is Better Than DJI Spark: 4K 30fps, 3-axis Gimbal, GPS, 1km Control Range, 23min Flight Time

Most drones in the market can only record 1080P/720P, instead of 4K 30fps videos. They mainly use 1-axis and 2-axis gimbals; in comparison, the Hubsan drone uses 3-axis stabilization gimbal.

Most camera drones only have a wide-angle lens, which means that they don’t allow you to shoot panoramas. However, this Hubsan drone allows you to take panoramic photos and videos. Ir can rotate 360-degrees at a certain speed, synthesizing a panoramic view. 

More surprisingly, the flight time of the Hubsan drone can be up to 23 minutes, and its control range is extended to 1km. It stands out among drones because many other drones can only fly for a few minutes within a limited range. 

Furthermore, it boasts high stability and multiple flight modes. With GPS positioning, the drone supports waypoints, orbit, visual tracking. Therefore, it can serve as your cameraman.

The drone is Hubsan H117S Zino! It costs 50% less than DJI Spark. The former costs $279.99, and it comes with remote control; the BNF version of the latter is sold at $623.92 without a remote control.

What are the main differences between Hubsan Zino and DJI Spark?

In a word, the more affordable Hubsan Zino outperforms DJI in remote control range, image stabilization, and flight time. It is the best choice among drones under $300, the most cost-effective high-tech photography equipment.

Hubsan Zino remains the best-seller on Gearbest since its appearance. The product is well-received and favored by tens of thousands of players worldwide!

If you are on a budget, while looking for a portable, high-performance camera drone, Hubsan Zino will be an excellent choice for you. Just go for it and record beautiful moments in your journey! 

Hubsan H117S Zino GPS 5G WiFi 1KM FPV with 4K UHD Camera



HUBSAN Folding HD Aerial Camera H117S Battery 11.4V 3000mAh



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