Anet is a hi-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales of 3D printer, 3D printing accessories and 3D printing filaments. The core technology is independently researched and developed by company and has complete independent intellectual property. The product is advanced, widely used, can be applied to new modeling, teaching practice, medical and health, architectural design, handicraft design and personal DIY and other fields, effectively improve product development speed, significantly reduced production costs and labor costs

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I had the Anet E10 since Aug, 2017.<br>Gave it to a friend at work for her son who was turning 12.<br>He likes it and had printed some very impressive looking models so far!<br>I have a couple of Anet E12's now, exactly the same build as the E10, just larger frame and therefore larger build area.<br>The E10 is a great machine.<br>I printed every day for 2 years or so, had to print some new parts for it but it prints great!<br>The models are dimensionally accurate and it can print very fast with a 0.6mm nozzle.
Finally I installed this fan on my 3d printer. Very quiet and works well. No issues at all. Help to make my prints more reliables.
Works well with Anycubic, used already half of it, not the most advanced but acceptable quality for the given price.
Classic noozle, diameter is right and the product works fine.<br>The product diameter is right and the product is working just good on my 3d printer i have at my home
Good cheap printer. upgrades make it real powerful
Impresora genial, increible la calidad con la que imprime las figuras, yo la recomiendo desde mi punto de vista.
Great!<br>It works perfectly, easy to use!<br>You can print litteraly everything you wont, no problem!<br>Very satisfied!
Fully fits the description.<br>The quality is excellent.<br>Used as repalcement of faulty Anet A8 bearing.
avec quelques modifications cette imprimante est excellente... très bon rapport qualité prix!
imprimante 3d très efficace mais il faut constamment bricoler.
Facile à imprimer<br>Bien respecter les valeurs indiquées