AQara was established in China. AQara offers the best products as amazing Home Appliances. AQara focused on the Home Appliances. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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4.9 out of 5

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Les plus:<br>- permet de commander facilement un autre appareil zigbee Xiaomi ou tout autre dispositif si on utilise un logiciel domotique (nodered pour moi avec un peu de dev.)<br>- pas de rebond, appui agréable et fiable<br><br>Les moins:<br>- pas de trous de fixation pour le visser ... mais facile à percer<br>pourquoi je ne le colle pas ? j'ai essayé et quand vous voulez changer la pile, la tapisserie vient avec <br>- cassure d'une lamelle plastique après un an d'utilisation (sur deux interrupteurs)
Webcam con funzione di hub. Funziona perfettamente e gestisce i child. Unica oecca che e' prevista per mercato cinese e quindi e' riconosciuta solo se si sceglie come nazione la Cina. Anche la lingua in fase di connessione e' in cinese, ma semplicissima da installare quindi si risolve senza problemi.
Arrived in 30 days, in a good packaging and without any damages, the product seems to be of a high quality build, not tested yet but i will give further feedback when done.
I like its beautiful color. Very easy setup even for the technically challenged. The notifications are great, sending me a message when the kids leave their room.
Arrived sooner as expected, everything in order, well packaged, works like a charm. <br>A bit difficult to change the internal battery, but nothing impossible if you are a "manual" person.<br>Top seller for value/money.
It does what’s advertised. I wish they were a little smaller in size coz when it’s plugged in, I cannot use the other socket because of it’s size
Great small camera. Its features are just as good as its design. It’s amazing how much impact something so small has had on our daily lives.
un interrupteur, facile à poser ou nomade .<br>Ce n'est pas deux fonctions pour ce commutateur double, mais 7 fonctions possibles par différentes combinaisons de pressions et de durée (longue ou courte).<br>Très bien mais à quand la prochaine promo!
It is working fine. It works with Gateway Mijia 2 without any issue
Good picture, compact, great sound from speakers in camera. But you really need some patience for delivery.
I have choosen the cube becaisw I like the design. It is nice, small and good quality.
I can only recommend this sensor. It is very high quality. includes battery, and this battery lasts for years. Temperature, humidity and pressure is transmitted very often (about every 20 minutes) and data is correct.
It is always connected to internet, making it very easy to control.
Lässt sich einfach in die Hausautomatisierung einbinden und funktioniert einwandfrei. Die mitgelieferte Batterie hält locker ein Jahr und lässt sich auswechseln.
Все пришло как нужно, выключатель без проблем работает. Поставил его в круглый подрозетник просто убрал стенки, все залезло. рекомендую
מנורה איכותית של חברה שיאומי. נדלקת רק על ידי חיישן כשמישהו מתקרב .ניכבית אחרי 5 דקות. אני חייב לציין לא לתלות שום דבר על המנורה כי היא כל פעם תידלק.
Aqara sempre al top. Compatibile con HomeKit. Io in casa ho tutto aqara. Funzionano anche da remoto. Davvero contento dell’acquisto
Оригинальный и качественный товар от Aqara. <br>Были хорошие скидки. Покупка прошла без нареканий. Быстро доставили до Германии.
Inicialmente não conseguia ligar, tive que mudar na App para o servidor da China e a partir daí funciona perfeitamente.
ProduTo era do jeito que estava esperando. Minha casa Esta mais atualizada e bem high tech de acordo com o que planejei.
Rápido a chegar e veio muito bem embalada conforme o combinado. Produto de qualidade que faz o que é prometido.
The camera was easy to set up and has very good quality video.
Thanks was very fast and aqara is beautiful <br>All ok