Beelink is a premium brand of TV set top box and peripherals. It's easy to see the effort that Beelink puts into their design and testing as fans all agree that Beelink is one of the most trustworthy brands. Video quality and speed is not sacrificed by the size-of-your-palm device.

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"Great box fast and stable, can be used as PC, The pictures are very clear, Completo in tutto e facile da usare, it play all the videos i have"

4.9 out of 5

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The TV-Box Beelink GT1 MINI is extremely small as you can see in the pictures, at the top it has the logo of the brand as a decoration. On the front we only have a small discrete white LED and on the perimeter we have all the connectors, the USB 3.0 port that is new in this SoC, we also have HDMI 2.1 to 4K@75fps connector, AV jack, another USB 2.0, microSD reader and highlighted with a red circle the power connector. In the lower red area we have a hole for the button to update your firmware if necessary.
Il box è arrivato in circa un mese,<br>Configurato senza problemi, installando tutte le APP di cui necessito,<br>Provata anche IPTV con kodi che funziona alla grande,<br>Il device è molto reattivo,il boot lo esegue in una manciata di secondi,non scalda e non si impunta,<br>L'unica pecca è l'utilizzo con il telecomando,che non è molto pratico,ho risolto collegando un mouse in una delle due prese USB,<br>Ottimo acquisto
Probably the best be late box I've encountered. Spot-on from it's unboxing. I still like my UGOOS AM6 PRO as my living room daily driver for over a year., but my GT mini in the is a solid top-notch fast performer, kids love it too
Probably my best purchece from this site. Really nice machine. Very ahead of its time. Best specs for money. Since 2017 nothing is better on the market yet. Would recommend to digi tv lovers and simply strimmers.
Arrivato in poco più di un mese,<br>Il box è molto reattivo,<br>Non scalda e non si impunta,<br>Ha 2 USB lo scomparto per micro USB e l'ingresso LAN,<br>Per praticità lo uso con un mouse in quanto l'uso con il telecomando è abbastanza scomodo,<br>Comunque lo consiglio in pieno
I've had this tv box for almost 2 years now & have no complaints very very good.<br>Also with receiving it, was packaged well and received it fast, I woul buy from the seller again.
Schon der Zweite. Super Mini PC für den Preis. Für die nur 4 GB Arbeitsspeicher läuft der PC erstaunlich schnell. Alle noch benötige Geräte und so weiter können nach Bedarf drangehängt werden oder eben über WIFI. Zur Sicherheit USB Hub dranhängen.
English is not my birth language :) Best Android box for me,fast,nice desing,sound chipset AWESOME,5ghz WIFI very speed,absolute Android top device for movies and music.Picture is clear,saturate,im very surprised with this box.
Altogether it is very approachable, good android device with good configuration, best brand with fast delivery it reached me. <br><br>Nice to deliver this branded item in earlier to my destination. <br><br>Thanks for your dispatch.
This PC will suit the needs for most people that don't edit video and a little light gaming.
Best budget product.<br>very good quality and shipping was acceptable. <br><br>recommended
There's a small learning curve but so far it is great for videos, movies, music, etc.
tv box molto performante, mai un blocco o problema<br>abbinato ad un proiettore 4k incredibile gestione hdr 4.4.4<br>netflix ultima versione non apre più ma risolto installando apk versione precedente
recommended, and definitely would buy this again if I needed another one.
The system is easy to assemble and run. 256GB SSD is perfect for my needs
It's still the best choice I've found for a tiny and cheap workstation.
It works perfect for its task. You cannot beat the value for the price.
Works really good just as I was expecting, easy to download apps.
Perfetto. Beelink è sinonimo di eccellenza. Ho provato svariati tv box, ma questo modello li supera tutti di gran lunga. Buona ricezione wifi.
One of the best tv box I bought.<br>Bought around 4 years ago and work very well yet.<br>Good purchase.<br>Shipping in time.
This android tv box is really fast, stable and smooth. Great!!!
Works very well, really like it. I don't use it for gaming.
I like how light-weighted it is and it is easy to mount.
Nice practical computer. Highly recommended
Not too bad, run well
not too bad!!!!!
buen producto y buena tienda donde comprar su artículos