Teclast was founded in 1999 as an integrated digital brand which devotes itself to Information Technology and R&D for consumer digital products, product design and manufacturing, marketing, sales and product services. By developing its diversified product line, it has successively introduced different kinds of personalized products such as optical storage devices, removable storage devices, digital players, tablets, eReaders, PC input peripherals and webcams to the market. To date, the brand has successfully gained at least 80 million users and made its great contribution to the popularity of Hi-tech application and the pace of industry development of the digital world. As a well-known digital brand, Teclast adopts its brand concept of ‘To let more people enjoy the digital life’, which means to utilize its technical strength and distribution channel advantages to produce a variety of innovative and stable digital products for the users to enjoy the convenience brought by the latest technology. In order to achieve the goal, Teclast invested huge funds to build up its own product R&D center. It positively introduces fashionable design concepts and innovative technology applications to continually improve its products’ technical content, thereby fulfilling the individualized consumption of business and personal users. In addition, Teclast has set up a convenient after-sales service system to provide solid technical support for its brand users. Teclast adheres to innovation. It founded its Consumer Digital Electronics Engineering Technology R&D center to manages the entire R&D process of consumer digital products from project outset to market launch. The powerful research and development strength of the Teclast R&D sector enables it to release a brand new product on average every 1.5 months and maintain the leading position throughout the consumer digital electronics market. The brand has obtained 93 patents, seven terms of software copyrights and one of its MP3 player products X19 has been awarded ‘the Best Design Prize’ by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office. Finally, Teclast has joined the Madrid Agreement and gained brand registered trademarks in more than one hundred different countries around the world. Teclast adheres to the principle of ‘quality comes first’. It continuously creates user demand to improve the performance and technical content of its products. Teclast has strict quality requirements for its factories to ensure every product is produced by the first-class production lines with world-class R&D standards. These strict manufacturing regulations help Teclast to reach a 99.8% pass rate and keep the user product failure rate lower than 0.005%. Meanwhile, Teclast always keep technical exchanges and good cooperative relationships with world-class manufacturers. Therefore, all the great effects made by Teclast allow it to tackle all the quality issues that can appear on production line. Meanwhile, Teclast regularly updates the firmware of its products and optimizes all the pre-installed applications to enhance the user experiences of the customers. After entering the market, Teclast received great praise and wide recommendation from the local IT media including MicroComputer, Popular Computer Week, cfan, PConline and ZOL. All of these fruitful achievements are the affirmation of Teclast's vision and also its motivation to achieve more. Today, the brand of Teclast has been spread all over China and became one of the most well-known IT and digital brands. By implementing ‘quality comes first’ corporate philosophy, Teclast’s brand vision is to continuously improve its brand features and service quality to meet higher user demands for different groups of users. We believe with the desire to become the world’s leading IT and digital brand, Teclast will succeed in the global market in the near future.

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"Everything translates to an out of this world experience, Fast performance that shows no sign of lag or delays, most people will be more than happy with this incredible tablet, Pleasant classic design"

4.8 out of 5

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è un bel laptop che non delude, con un buon rapporto qualità prezzo. <br>Bisogna fare un pò l'abitudine con il fatto che la tastiera non è in italiano, quindi bisogna ricordarsi dove sono le lettere accentate. <br>è stabile e veloce, arriva non aggiornato quindi bisogna spendere un giorno per farlo. <br>Tende un po' a riscaldare se sottosforzo ma non in maniera preoccupante. Ovviamente non è consigliato per il gaming. <br>Questo device è più per un uso da ufficio, quindi word, power point e varie ricerche.<br>Quello che aumenta il valore di questo computer è il fatto che è touch screen, perfetto per prendere appunti per gli universitari. <br>Che dire la batteria dura abbastanza, ma contiamo che l'ho tenuto con la luminosità bassa. <br>Comunque non dovreste avere problemi a seguire una lezione, un giorno di scuola (non tenendolo acceso proprio tutte le 5 ore , es ricreazione) senza ricaricarlo.<br>Lo schermo è buono e lo è anche il touch, tutto il device dà una senzazione premium che il prezzo non ha, peccato per le cornici!!!<br>La fotocamera è scarsa, ma in fondo non a tutti interessa, non è così importante in un computer, basta che si veda, secondo me. <br>I tempi di spedizione sono rapidi, in 5 giorni mi è arrivato, senza danni. Non ho preso l'assicurazione di gearbest contro gli urti e non ho avuto problemi.<br>Se non prendete la penna a lui associato che però non è in dotazione, il computer perde tante chicche utili.<br>L'audio è un pò debole e i bassi bisogna un pò immaginarli, però niente di così terribile, non l'ho comprato mica con l'aspettativa di usarlo come stereo.<br>Per guardare i film, le videochiamate o per asoltare musica (amatorialmente) è perfetto.
I have a number of devices that require periodic charging and if I am travelling (which is often), I seldom have access to a power outlet. I depend on powerbanks to charge my devices and I usually lug around a few powerbanks - this get tedious very fast as the weight adds up quickly and space is also a constraint in my travel bag. This powerbank is a hefty size (see the pic I attached - the device next to it is a Fire 6") but it has 4 ports (2 fast charging and 2 normal charging ports) and an effective capacity of 15000 mAh, which is sufficient to charge all my devices multiple times. The powerbank is surprisingly light-weight and has an excellent display (the display is cool white and doesn't hurt the eyes when I charge the powerbank overnight). Overall, I am very happy with this powerbank and would recommend it to anyone who has a lot of devices and travels frequently.
The tablet was not working correctly when I received it. there were a lot of issues in Android. <br>The most severe issue was with the FREE (available) storage space. It was REDUCED every day without any reason (even after a reset without any account and none application). I asked from GearBest (at customer support) and they helped me very much. I want to notice here that I also asked 2 times for help from Teclast but no one answered me.<br>I installed (re-flashed) the Android though my computer to the tablet accordingly the instructions from GearBest and the issue was resolved. <br>However the tablet has a lot of compatibility issues especially in Android. For example: the Facebook and Facebook Lite apps are not working. I managed to install one older version of Facebook Lite that was working.<br>I notice here that I haven't see any issue with Windows 10. <br>Thanks a lot to GearBest for the aftersale support.
Grazie Gearbest. Ottima assistenza clienti ed ottimi tempi di consegna.<br>Ho acquistato questo pc per il rapporto qualità prezzo e perché mi serviva un portatile adatto agli spostamenti senza troppe pretese. La buona ram e la buona rom fanno sì che il pc giri senza intoppi, anche per quanto riguarda il fotoritocco visto che lo uso principalmente per questo scopo. Buoni i materiali e la struttura.<br>Una nota per gli italiani: la tastiera è americana e i simboli sui tasti spesso non corrispondono al reale tasto di appartenenza. Non è un problema per me che scrivo senza guardare la tastiera ma per altre persone invece potrebbe essere un problema reale ma soprattutto noioso andare a cercare dove sono sempre i vari tasti.
I have only had experience with 3-4 cheaper power banks in my life so i am not the right one to judge but after unwrapping this 620 g heavy beast, all the previous ones look like a joke to me now. I hope all will be fine and i will be able to charge my phone for more times and other devices as well. With such capacity I might be even able to save some desperate friends with empty batteries.<br><br>I appreciate it´s been charged to 74% straight from the box already.<br>Thanks a lot Teclast & Gearbest
I purchased several power banks declared with capacity of 20000 mAh but that in the normal use were not sufficient to charge a smartphone with 3000 mAh. Fortunately this product was different and the declared capacity seems real. It arrived with residual power of 85% and I charged my smartphone of 3000 mAh using only 20% of the capacity of the power bank.<br>there are several ports both for input and output and a useful panel with the residual capacity.
English: delivered super fast, less than 2 weeks to get those. Metallic external finishing, just beautiful. 3.0 USB very well packed. No complaints at all.<br><br><br>Português: entrega super rápida (recebido na Irlanda), com menos de 2 semanas de espera. Acabamento externo metálico, muito bonito e moderno. Usb 3.0 bem empacotado, chegaram perfeitos.
I am glad with this purchase. This laptop is great for its price, there is nothing to complain.<br><br>I bought it used for a basic computer needs at home. What I will do with is just Office, surfing youtube, and searching videos. This computer handles it well. What I like most is the IPS screen, which is gorgeous. There is not much difference to my gaming laptop which cost me thrice. Other feathers are also good enough for me. Love this device.
Es mi primera compra en Gearbest , el tiempo de entrega estuvo en los plazos informados . El producto llegó en perfectas condiciones, además no pagué impuestos aduaneros ( solo suerte) así que feliz. Lo he probado y funciona en forma perfecta . La batería me duró aproximadamente 7 horas , es una buena duración . La carga de batería es rápida. Quede muy feliz con la compra de este producto y servicio de Gearbest.
So far I am thrilled. only just received the tablet, but it has satisfied my needs very much and love the big storage space. (128 gigs) <br>was very fast delivery.. received in only 10 days.<br>screen resolution is excellent and pics are really clear.<br>a good buy all round.
Lo uso per fare musica. Ha ottime prestazioni per il prezzo. <br>Non scalda, buon suono in cuffia, altoparlanti nella media.<br>Facile cambiare ssd. Bello schermo, un pò troppo riflettente.<br>Tastiera inglese internazionale. ci ho fatto facilmente l'abitudine.<br>Alimentatore con cavo tradizionale ma molto lungo.<br>La cpu non è un bolide, ma ci faccio girare bene FL studio.<br>Tastiera retroilluminata, cosa molto gradita. Bello da vedere.<br>Contro: la batteria dura 5-6-7 a seconda dello stress, schermo riflettente
Pour remplacer une Galaxy Tab3, petit prix pour bonne performances.<br>Premier demarrage et premier petit problème, impossible de mettre en veille la tablette, obligé d'appuyer sur le bouton pour l'éteindre... Redemarrage et tout rentre dans l'ordre. Ecran très sensible lorsqu'on prend la tablette dans ces mains, souvent des actions se font sans le vouloir.<br>Bonne tablette pour le prix.<br>Derniere et seule mise à jour du fabriquant 03/2018
Good price/performance, everything as described. Fast disk, quick Windows start.<br>Great for light games on the go. I can make music wherever I want. Really good for movies in bed.<br>I will buy stylus for it for drawing and taking notes.
Che dire.. E' un ottimo prodotto per chi lo utilizzato per un uno domestico: office, navigazione in internet e visione film.<br>Consigliato soprattutto per chi scrivi di sera/notte; grazie alla retroilluminazione e alla tastiera abbastanza silenziosa, non farete quasi rumore e potrete vedere molto bene i tasti.<br>E' assolutamente comparabile se non migliore di alcuni prodotti di marca ben più nota.<br>Ottimo acquisto.
I am using the tablet now for over a year. The battery is not great. Tablet freezes sometimes or does not turn on at all. Then you need to keep the ON button pressed in until it comes on. Otherwise, the tablet works well and is fast in opening apps, etc. Overall, it was a good buy.
buen producto y el precio esta bien, mas adelante cuando lo utilize volvere a valorar. de momento el producto se ve de calidad los materiales son buenos, la istalacion a sido facil y intuitiva, en resumen, es recomendable, el tiempo de espera algo largo.
Симпатишный пауэрбанк.<br>Шел 25 дней. Доставка курьером IML.<br>Заряжает и заряжается током 2,1А, замерял тестером.<br>Емкость полностью не мерил, но примерно похоже на правду.<br>Сам пауэрбанк берет 20000мАч, отдаёт на выход по пяти вольтам 12000мАч.<br>Из минусов - ну очень вонючный пластик корпуса. Надеюсь со временем выветрится.
Купил за немаленькие деньги из-за хорошей рекламы. На деле оказалось не очень: магниты слабые, конструкция не самая удачная. Через год, примерно, сломался шлейф, клавиатура перестала работать.<br>Сейчас отодрал клавиатуру, закрепил бук и использую как просто чехол (защиту экрана) и подставку.
Ótimo Tablet, tela muito boa, nítida, som com um bom volume, processador rápido e competente, bateria com boa duração. Podem comprar sem medo, não irão se arrepender, recomendo e a loja Gearbest está de parabéns pela embalagem segura e entrega rápida, obrigado.
The Product is just great and performs like brand products, Delivery service was fast within a week and Easy tracking. I am so happy with both the quality of the product and service.
I recently got this tablet and it works perfect. The screen is excellent and the operation perfect. I recommend this tablet to anyone looking for a decent 2 in 1 Windows device
Un tablet onesto, l'ho acquistato per i miei figli, che non hanno particolari pretese e fa quel che deve senza infamia ne gloria. Non velocissimo, qualche lag qua e la... Doppio sistema operativo. Insomma non è una Ferrari ma non costa nemmeno come una Ferrari...
I just received the goods. I opened it and had a rough look at it. The appearance is pretty good. P70 processor, Android 9.0 system, plus a G72 graphics processor, strong performance
Good price for the mAh and will give reasonable use time before need charging. Is a bit on the<br>heavy side and tall due to the number of batteries required for the power outage.
I am very impressed on how smooth this tablet is. Fast and simply works very well. You can beat it for the price. Way to go, Teclast! Arrived in Scandinavia in 10 days, no customs!
Очень хороший планшет. Покупал жене для интернета. Гоняет его почти каждый день Ни каких зависаний, сеть по WIFI держит уверенно. Продукция Teclast мне очень нравится.
Very good product ,tiny,working very well with smart TV,good for record not for live playback.59GB from 64GB.Recomanded.
Llevo mas o menos 2 meses de uso, hasta ahorita ha respondido muy bien. Buena velocidad y además buen precio. No tengo nada malo que comentar por el momento.
Great value for money. display was good compared to the other products in the same price range.<br>Used it for more than a year before I dropped it on the floor.