A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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Xiaomi, not much to say if you ever own any Xiaomi product. Quality is always top notch. Built quality is premium. you feel like you can use this thing as a nutcracker.<br>Sound quality is very nice, it has nice base and highs aren't too pitchy and distorted.<br>it's an addictive product for children, my two little nieces couldn't let it go when they come around.<br>it looks like a little rebel bunny with his flappy cap, but this is a product from a Chinese company and we can all relate what inspired where the lone star comes from, no, not from Texas. <br>I would recommend this Xiaomi product to anyone, in fact I would recommend any Xiaomi product to anyone. <br>there is no comparison in overall quality of a Xiaomi product and there's also no comparison, period, quality price ratio.
Sem expectativa nenhuma porém consciente que poderia levar bastante tempo para chegar o produto, possível taxas de importação para fazer a retirada mas o produto em seu preço normal é bem agradável e ainda peguei em flash sale, assim o preço caiu ainda mais, primeira compra, certo receio porém não me arrependo, pelo contrário, já trouxe inúmeras pessoas indicando o site e produto.<br>Minhas preocupações todas em vão pois chegou bem rápido, menos de um mês, tive que pagar o imposto para fazer a retirada mas o valor total com imposto, preço inferior ao que iria pagar comprando no Brasil.<br>Em relação ao produto, excepcional, configuração alta assim entregando um desempenho muito bom, resistente, traseira metálica, durabilidade, bateria que dura bastante, resolução da câmera ótima, nota 1000.<br>Mais um cliente satisfeito e comprando novos modelos.<br>Obrigado.
I had a bit of problems with the shipment of the product.<br>The product itself is really amazing!<br>Blazing fast, touchscreen is really sensitive and even with 50% ROM usage it still works like a charm.<br>One of the most cool feature of this smartphone, which is not mentioned anywhere, is that it has an its own "security app". This app will help you keep your phone fit by cleaning it from obsolete files and improving the life of your battery turning off useless apps which are running or by smart balancing the light of the screen.<br><br>If i really have to find a flaw in this product, well it has none.<br>At the time when I bought the phone I was afraid to be in trouble if would happen something to it (like falling, being hit, ...) since there were no Xiaomi product centre in my country yet, but that was solved with a cover with amazing bumpers.
I've been using this laptop for over a year, mainly to study: writing notes, making multimedia presentations, listening to music, browsing the Internet. I installed Linux on it and it was a great decision, because it lasts 6-8 hours on the battery and works very well in what it is used for.<br>The screen is unevenly illuminated, which you can only see when the image is dark - but it doesn't interfere with use. <br>You write on it very comfortably and the keys don't wear off after more than a year, which I think is a big plus. <br>In general, I highly recommend it, because it is a very good product. <br><br>Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
Bis hierher war ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Telefon, es hätte 5* verdient gehabt!<br>Aber, leider aber ist jetzt das Handy von sich aus in einen Modus gegangen indem es zwischen einem kleinen Linux Pinguin und einem schwarzen Bildschirm wechselt.<br>Es lässt sich nicht mehr einschalten, auch das Hardreset mit Power und Level up und dem versuchten recovery blieben erfolglos. Recherchen im Netz haben ergeben das der emmc<br>Speicher sich verabschiedet hat. Da gerade 2-Jahre rum sind ist es wohl auch vorbei mit der Kulanz bzw. Garantie.<br>Ich hatte zwar als ich es gekauft habe mal zu Apple User gesagt das ich mir für den Iphone Preis alle 2-Jahre ein neues Handy von Xiaomi kaufen könnte aber das das Handy sich daran erinnert hat, Alle Achtung!
I bought this to use with my Xiaomi phone and I am very happy with the results.<br>When both laptops at home are in use by other family members I just take the conversion adapter and I can connect mouse, keyboard and TV to my phone to send emails and work on writing some notes.<br>Thanks to USB-C port it is possible to connect phone charger and charge the smartphone while working on the phone with other USB port used for mouse.<br><br>Communication is very fast and reliable. Good overall quality of the Adapter.
Pros:<br>+ Compact and very well designed.<br>+ Do its function as expected (four parameters are monitored).<br>+ Price (with a coupon) was very adequate, so why not give this product a chance?<br>+ Several units can be used at the same time withe the official app, so you can monitor key plants in your garden/home<br><br>Cons:<br>- Sometimes has trouble finding connection, but seem to be improved trough latest app updates
The only negative - a month went to the Crimea.<br>It was delivered in a branded white envelope, size L, silver, with a protective film on it. Tactilely very pleasant. The working surface is matte, the edges are beveled at an angle and glossy. Almost the entire area underneath is occupied by a silicone lining. The mouse on such a rug works fine.
AMAZING SOUND QUALITY.This is just not what a pair of headphones that worth only 20+ bucks should be sounding like. I can totally compare them with headphones that cost more than 100+ and the Xiaomi is still gonna win over some of the big brands. These headphones have such great clarity and depth while the bass is so rich and punchy. Although I have to say that they are not as comfortable as I expected because they only offer very limited options of the rubber caps, and they don't have impressive looks. Overall these are definitely great pair of headphones that are way underpriced.
Great earphones for that price. Bought them more than 3 years ago and they're still working and rocking. Especially at that time this earphones were really good. Beside their sound (and cool bass, by the way), they has/had a really stylish design, a lot of metal parts and a cool black color, that is kind of purple when in the sun. So now you probably can find something better for that price (although I'm not sure about that), but at that time they were really good.
ľahký a pevný náramok na mi band 2 - je celý z plastu<br>dobre drží mi band 2 - kov by bol lepší - plast sa skoro zničí<br>balenie bolo excelentné<br>mohol byť lacnejší<br><br>ľahký a pevný náramok na mi kapele 2 - je celý z plastu<br>dobre drží mi band 2 - kov by bol lepší - plast sa skoro zničí<br>balenie bolo excelentné<br>byť byť lacnejší
Buena calidad de producto, buenos materiales, cómodos, bonitos y ligeros. El problema, su sonido, no es tan limpio como me gusta, tiene un ligero gusto por los bajos y los medios no son tan definidos. Tienen un sonido cálido, pero no es lo suficiente limpio como me gusta. Sin embargo, para su rango de precio están buenos. Los uso regularmente por su comodidad y estilo, sobre todo cuando salgo a caminar. En sonido si le falta mayor definición para ser una opción excelente, pero si los recomiendo si no eres demasiado exigente con el sonido.
Pros:<br>+ Aesthetics is great, yet functional.<br>+ Do its work as expected (and synchronizes with the common ‘Xiaomi Mi Fit’ app for monitoring).<br>+ Price (with a coupon) was very adequate for its quality.<br>+ Several persons can be monitored at the same time withe the official app.<br>+ Batteries (which were included) last a lot.<br>+ Never looses bluetooth connection after last updates<br> <br>Cons:<br>- None
Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... vIts Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... vIts Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood...
Excelente dispositivo. Tenía mis dudas para pedir en línea un celular, pero la verdad quedé fascinado con el servicio la garantía y la eficiencia, no hay nada que temer todo salió a la perfección.<br>Llego en excelentes condiciones y no le falta nada. Respecto a la marca, increíble todas sus características y por un módico precio, definitiva mente es mi nueva marca a elegir, me volví fan Xiaomi
Посылка пришла быстро. Мышка упакована в оригинальную упаковку. Инструкция на китайском, но и так все понятно ( для того, чтобы спарить с устройством по bluetooth необходимо зажать кнопку подключения и отпустить, когда огонек начнет мигать синим ). Мышка очень понравилась. Миниатюрный дизайн и быстрая смена режима подключения Очень рекомендую.
The Construction is very nice, the similar leather is fine, beautiful, i'll give to my girlfriend and expected that her like it !<br>as a minus i can say that i didn't expect for the holder to be from plastic. i hoped it was metalic
This article is amazing in his sound, but i had to sell it, because it doesn't work with iPhone (Mi Home App doesn't found this article). <br><br>And it is not really easy to set an alarm clock. not that intuitive.<br>Its way easier with the app.. but like i said, it doesn't work for Apple devices.<br><br>The sound quality is absolute gorgeous for such little thing. And its really nice to watch.
ein empfehlenswerter Kauf!<br>Lieferung ging schneller als erwartet und das Handy ist top. habe es nun seit 2 Jahren in Dauerbenutzung und bin zufrieden. das einzige Manko: der zweite Sim Steckplatz der sich für die Speicherkarte verwendet werden kann, hat nach kurzer Zeit sowohl die Sim als auch die Speicherkarte geschrottet. wer aber wie ich mit einer Sim und dem internen Speicher zufrieden ist für den ist das Handy auf jeden Fall etwas!
This Airpurifier is one of the best products which i have ever bought.<br>It works perfectly, if you are a smoker, it sences the ciratete smok imediately and cleans the air fast.<br>I love xiaomi as compan, the build the best decives ever.<br><br>You should definetly buy this product. Is one of the best you can get.
Ce n'est pas un must have de la marque ni un des produits assez bons que j'ai déjà eu (leur téléphone présente un bien meilleur rapport qualité-prix). Mais il serais mentir de dire que ce produit est mauvais :<br><br>Points fort :<br><br>> Design épuré<br>> Son normal/bon<br>> Très bon système pour augmenter le son<br><br>Points faible :<br><br>> Son maximum<br>> Non Waterproof<br>> Basse de mauvaise qualité mais suffisante<br><br>C'est un très bon moyen de gamme mais sans plus.
Original Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter<br>• High efficiency 3 layers filter: Primary filter net, EPA filter net, high quality activated carbon filter <br>• The filter can remove 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, bacteria, heavy metal, organic matter, etc.<br>• Easy and fast to install
Sono le perfette cuffie da usare ogni giorno , senza paura di sbatterle , maltrattarle perderle.<br>La qualità di costruzione è ottima , come per tutti i prodotti xiaomi.<br>La qualità audio è ottima e sicuramente si fa valere anche contro cuffie che costano fino ai 30, 40€ .<br>Peccato che dopo qualche mese di utilizzo una delle cuffie ha smesso di funzionare, ma posso assicurare che le ho messe a dura prova
I've been using this phone for 2 years, and it's a very good one for the price. Quite powerful, especially at the moment when I bought it. Also quite strong, except the screen which needs to be shielded with a tempered glass. Camera is good, but not amazing.<br>But for the price, I love it
Excellent ordinateur portable.<br>Clavier américain QWERTY, peut être embêtant quand on n'a pas l'habitude mais très pratique pour les chiffres. <br>Livré en chinois donc le changement de langue se fait à taton ou avec une vidéo de mise en route de windows 10 de youtube<br>Ce sont les seuls gros inconvénients, sinon après 2 ans d'utilisations il est nickel, très pratique, beau et suffisamment puissant.
This has been a great device. Decent hardware and features, and has held up well for 18 months for my wife. There's been no issues, despite being dropped, spilled on, used by children, forgotten outside in the rain, and various other misadventures. Well worth the purchase.
крепкий пластик, логотип mi присутствует. в комплекте винты на шестигранник 1.5мм. отвертки/шестигранника в комплекте нет.<br>при медленном полете с камерой направленной вперёд в кадр не попадают. при ускорении сразу лезет в кадр. <br>не понятно, от каких повреждений защищает, пластик гнется.... при падении, винты и защита разлетелись на куски. аппарат остался целым без царапин)
Skvelý štýlový kúsok, dobry pomocník pri pohybových aktivitách dokonca aj pri plávaní okrem napriklad krokomera meria aj srdcový tep, možnosť dokúpiť aj rôznofarebné náramky za malé peniažky. Pomer ceny a kvality jednoznačne najlepší na trhu
un producto perfecto relación calidad precio. magnifico sonido bateria de duración muy correcta y muy facil de conectar a los diferentes dispositivos asi que sin duda cumple con creces todo aquello que cabe esperar de un altavoz inalambrico.
j'ai jeté mon dévolu sur un Xiaomi MI4C, prix/performance ... imbattable, mais petit problème ..en effet en France impossible de ce le procurer autrement qu'en passant par un site étranger ... là il faut pas se tromper .. j'ai donc lu des avis sur des forums ... j'ai mis ma confiance dans gearbest ... pas déçu .... prix et délai maintenu ... surtout le prix ... imbattable ... je recommande ..