A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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The smartphone that can do both — give you a powerful processor for gaming, a dual camera for decent photos and a good optimized battery that can live up to two days on a single charge. Big display suitable for most situation, and your everyday need will be covered with octa-core processor and 4000mAh battery. Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 625 is designed to ensure productivity and power consumption balance.<br><br>Metal body with a 2.5D glass brings true tactile joy and provide security for your device.<br><br>Display curves and body form factor feels just right in your hand.<br><br>Expandable storage with the help of microSD slot gives you a room to save all the precious moment you take on your new dual cam.<br><br>The 12MP + 5MP dual camera with AI segmentation blurs the background like a pro and sharpen edges when it needed. With Beautify 4.0 your selfie is always on top.<br><br>Android One from Google bring you simply amazing experience with the latest innovations like Google Photos, Google Play Protect Google Lens and much more.
per poco più di 1200 euro mi sono portato a casa l'anno scorso un notebook da gaming (per necessità basilari) con una vecchia ma comunque performante 1060 GTX, un buon schermo luminoso, per non parlare delle ottime performance anche con grossi carichi di lavoro. Ormai ce l'ho da quasi 1 anno e scrivo solo ora la recensione perché ho voluto studiarmelo a 360 gradi e vedere nel tempo come si sarebbe comportato. Materiali (alluminio e magnesio e poco plastica), design riconoscibile e dotazione porte hardware al top! (forse unica pecca la mancanza di una Type C 3.1 Thunderbolt o eventualmente un ulteriore Type C).Xiaomi come in tanti altri prodotti, se non in tutti è una garanzia.<br>DA CONSIGLIARE ANCORA NEL 2020 se sta al di sotto dei 1000
prezzo onesto per un 3 GB RAM e 64 GB di rom.<br>molto maneggevole e si tiene bene in tasca date le dimensioni che sono come un 5 pollici tradizionale anche se il display è in 5,5.<br>anche se sulla carta la risoluzione non è elevata l'effetto del display è sempre più che buona, sembra quasi meglio di quanto dichiarato.<br>la batteria è ok, con solo 3000 mAh dura sempre almeno un paio di giorni.<br>fotocamera doppia appena sufficiente. lo speacker sul lato posteriore attutisce suoneria o riproduzione audio se il telefono è appoggiato su una superficie.<br>dopo un anno di utilizzo va ancora come il primo giorno, molto resistente!!
I have this phone more than 1 year. It really suprised me<br>Pros: <br>+beautiful amoled screen<br>+how it looks<br>+working of system<br>+button on the downside<br>+storage quantity<br>+Glass at the backside<br>Cons: <br>-you should choose 4GB ram minimum, for me 3 is too low <br>-It lags sometimes<br>-It goes hot really fast (it isn't very much disturbing) <br><br>Overall good phone, but on this price there are better choices now. If you really want amoled and curved screen it is Worth buying but - like I said - you should choose 4gb RAM version
Das Preis Leistungsverhältnis der Drohne ist einfach sehr gut. Die App wird immer aktualisert und auf dem neusten Stand gehalten. Allerdings muss man auf No-Fly-Zones achten da man sonst nicht starten kann. Nervt aber manchmal da man trotzdem in sicherem Abstand zu Flüghäfen ist. Wäre gut wenn man die No-Fly-Zones abschalten könnte! Kamera nimmt gute Bilder in Full HD auf wenn genug Licht da ist! Gegen Sonnenlicht enstehen störende Reflektionen im Bild. Bin jetzt mit der Drohne schonn mehrere Jahre geflogen und habe gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Leider werden die Drohnengesetze immer strenger weil manche Menschen einfach keine Regeln befolgen können!
Отправка быстрая. Доставка около 3х недель в Украину с момента оплаты. Всё соответствует описанию. Телефон китайской версии, с заблокированным загрузчиком, накатана вьетнамская версия прошивки. Мультиязычность есть. Понятное дело, что за свою цену телефон очень хороший, камера снимает на хорошем уровне, батарея хоть и 3300 мАч, но автономность очень хорошая, всё гуд!<br><br>Рекомендую продавца и товар!<br>Покупайте на Али со скидкой и без обмана goo_gl/eyKqwg<br>(вместо нижнего подчеркивания поставить точку).<br><br>Вводите lety-коды!
1. it was a great global experience. I'm very satisfied with it. I absolutely recommend it.<br>2. I like its innovative design. I dislike to have to put the windows system in French myself but I did quite easily.<br>3. the battery last quite longer than the other products. the screen quality is fantastic. the shipping was also very good.<br>4. I will absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a great computer quality.
The battery has given me a few problems since buying it, it doesnt last as long as it did at the beginning, however is something to take at account when buying one of these low prices smartphones so i expected it, it is something to take in account.<br><br>I just need to point out that i bought it like in 2017 and buying a brand new battery cost like 30 euros so it isnt really that much of a problem, the thing is that appart from that it has been awesome<br>Henceforth i shall just point out that my experience was quiet pleasant and i wouldnt mind buying another of these
El pedido llego en perfectas condiciones y bien empaquetado. Coincide con las caracteristicas descritas y funciona correctamente. Importante: El pedido lo realice desde el 6 de noviembre de 2016 y lo enviaron el 6 de enero de 2020, despues de enviado si llego bastante rapido. Segun me dijeron fue que se habia agotado el producto.
I wanted a keyboard for software development and casual gaming.<br>Requirements:<br>- precise<br>- not too loud<br>- backlight<br>The keyboard could be a bit more quiet, and it allows for some fast typing.<br>The backlight does not depend on some software, so it works in any OS. You set the backlighting with the keyboard function key + pageup or pagedown.<br>I love the feeling/texture of the PBT keys, they are really much better than standard ABS keys.
Lo he probado en varias ocasiones y comparado con otros tradicionales de mercurio que tengo y han coincidido ambos, parece que su nivel de exactitud y funcionamiento es bueno y adecuado. Parece resistente y es bastante más rápido y cómodo que los termómetros tradicionales de toda la vida. Es un producto que por suerte no se utiliza todos los días por lo menos en mi caso, así que espero me dure mucho tiempo y espero que durante todo ese tiempo las veces que lo utilice siga funcionando como hasta ahora, con precisión y rapidez.
After two years of use I am still delighted with this laptop. In all this time it has not given me any problem of any kind. Turning the windows to Spanish was quick and easy. The laptop is very fast and at this time nothing has been noticed in, for example, the battery life. The screen has great quality and the computer is valid for all kinds of tasks. It weighs almost nothing and is very comfortable to wear. Perhaps the best purchase I could make at the time and today remains above many laptops of other well-known brands.
Das Xiaomi Redmi 4x wurde als Zweitgerät gekauft und begeistert sehr. Die Akkulaufzeit ist prima, die Leistung des Prozessors reicht locker für Spiele und so selbstverständlich<br>auch für die täglichen Anforderungen.<br>Die Tonwiedergabe beim Telefonieren ist sehr gut: Sowohl<br>über Lautsprecher als auch Ohrhöhrer, als auch beim Gesprächspartner ist alles gut zu verstehen.<br>Der Akku ist sehr schnell geladen.<br>Ein feines Gerät für den täglichen Einsatz mit sehr handlichen Abmessungen.
Nice phone. After 4 years still work. The screen is very tactil and the battery is amaizing. Was the first Xiaomi device but after I bought more an more Xiaomi products. I love this brand. High quality at good and acceptable price. Note 3 was a very good phone. I apreciate more because Xiaomi provide support a lot of time after the release on the market this product.
Haut parleur qui tient dans une poche, très mobile, très facile d'utilisation, rechargeable. Le son est correct, pas exceptionnel mais très correct. En mode appel, il est assez limite (les personnes qui m'appelaient ne m'entendaient plus). Pour le prix, et la taille, il est parfait. Je recommande. Je précise que j'ai reçu la version chinoise, on entend au début de l'allumage et quand on éteint une voix en chinois, ce qui ne me pose aucun problème, bien au contraire, je trouve cela sympa.
Do 5 stelle per la qualità del prodotto, di ottima fattura.<br>il "ma" è solo perché nonostante siano fornite di gommini, alla fine sono costretto a venire a patti col fatto che le mie orecchie sono inadatte alle in ear.<br>Per il resto, funzionano come devono. Hanno una comoda ricarica Micro Usb e si indossano in maniera relativamente semplice. Peccato per la voce cinese che secondo me potevano risparmiarsi utilizzando un codice di Bip per le varie informazioni.
Фонарик xiaomi,яркость регулируется на самом фонарике, можно использовать как павер банк.Ебанная ук.таможня,срок доставки 72дня.заказал 10.01- получил 22.03.Остановили партию груза,в котором был мой заказ и требовали все документы для растаможки.За фонарик,штопаные гондоны таможенники,чтоб вы все сдохли, ребенок заказал на подарок,а вы сука 72 доставляли.Гондоны.
O som me surpreendeu pelo tamanho dela, é muito bonita, som de qualidade com o volume moderado, muito alto já apresenta distorção, e a bateria infelizmente não é tão boa quanto o anunciado, ultimamente tenho que carregar com menos de duas horas de uso. Preço tá um pouco elevado
The phone works great and sounds are good. Operational issues are none and updates come regularly over the air. My only beef is that i can"t set it to my city or country (Toronto,CANADA). Considering that we are big enough to be in a map of the world, why they would choose to omit CANADA from the list of time zones? Incredible!!!
используется не первый год используется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый годиспользуется не первый год
Non conoscevo questa azienda fino a un anno fa fino a quando ho acquistato un smartphone Mi8. ho dvuto ricredermi e devo devo dire che' e' fatto molto bene ottimo processore molto fluido in qualsiasi circostanza. la fotocamera e' ottima, ottimo il display colori veri e non artefatti . in piu' sistema costantemente aggiornato. Io lo consiglio vivamente senza spendere soldi in piu' per altri marchi che non hanno nulla di piu'.
The phone offers the same specifications as much more expensive brand names, at a fraction of the cost. This is the third Xiaomi I have owned and it leaves nothing to be desired. Its battery live is miles better than Samsung and others, its fast, has an excellent screen resolution and plenty of storage.
Note that on some phones, the mere insertion of this device will disable your microphone and/or speaker. But if all you need is a button to trigger automation, such as with Tasker on Android, it works as advertised. That said, not all android oses let you intercept the button press. Good luck!
I live in Bahrain but I change the location in the app to china but the device cannot be added in the app (I checked it with Huwawi router)<br><br>Then I tried with Xioami router, now everything is good and working except I still have orange light<br><br>any way the device is good but in Chinese language
first at all, the package was arrived in great conditions, fast and save, just 13 days to algeria, the xiaomi piston in ear earphones fresh version are original and guarantied, i have onemore color, black, and i order white, the sound is amazing, and the bass is good, i recommanded, thank you.
Excellent headset. Sound very clear and rich in detail. Very good box and holder for storing the handset. Good construction and care in the details. Great value for money.
Excellent le produit est arrivé rapidement<br>Excellent le produit est arrivé rapidement<br>Excellent le produit est arrivé rapidement<br>Excellent le produit est arrivé rapidement<br>Excellent le produit est arrivé rapidement<br>Excellent le produit est arrivé rapidement
Great product. Well designed, comfortable. Outstanding audio quality and good battery life. These are my everyday headphones for commute and sports and I love them. I run long distances with them and they resist perfectly to sweat and stay perfectly still in my ears.
compra feita no valor de R$ 800<br>preço ideal para o produto acima disso tem outros melhores<br>câmera - boa<br>memoria 4 GB - não deixa o celular lento com muito apps aberto<br>espaço 64 GB - o recomendado <br>bateria - tem ótima duração <br>tela - tem um ótimo aproveitamento<br>biometria - funciona sem problema<br><br>não tive nenhum contra nesse aparelho<br><br>compra feita em 23/08/2018<br><br>aparelho funciona normalmente ate hoje.
Molto bello nel suo design minimal. Costruzione solida. E la possibilià di poter caricare così tanti dispositivi nello stesso tempo mi ha permesso di liberare qualche presa a muro e di non avere più tanti caricabatterie sparsi per casa.