A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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è stato il mio primo drone di tipo professionale e mi ha permesso di fare delle riprese dei luoghi dove sono andato in villeggiatura che non avrei mai potuto fare. Molto stabile nel volo e semplice da gestire, è un drone per fare riprese aeree e non acrobazie, comunque si muove velocemente in quanto è dotato di una ottima batteria. La telecamera con gimball da 4 K a 30 fps permette di fare riprese eccezionali anche se il drone ha un costo basso rispetto alla concorrenza. Il modello è di vecchio stampo con un frame rigido e non ripiegabile ma è capace di portare, se necessario, dei pesi supplementari per particolari necessità. Quando l'ho comprato era il miglior drone per il suo rapporto qualità/prezzo, infatti al momento è ancora disponibile ed il prezzo non è stato ribassato perché è veramente di ottima qualità. Molto contento di averlo preso.
I've been using this helmet for biking and for going around on my Segway scooter in Toronto. It feels pretty secure and the light on the back makes me feel a bit safer, so that drivers don't run me over. There's a few setting on it allowing for different light pulses, and there is also an automatic setting where it lights up automatically when it detects you are on the move. There must be an accelerometer in it or something. <br><br>The charging uses a small and short magnetic cord and it doesn't take long to charge, maybe 30 mins. The battery on the light lasts for 3-4 weeks with moderate usage. I bike maybe 2-3 times a week for a few hours. Also, I've let the helmet sit through winter and the light still comes back on during spring, so the battery seems solid, and it didn't die out. <br><br>I highly recommend this helmet, and hopefully they come out with more colours. I got the white one.
Ho scelto questo notebook per le caratteristiche tecniche di buon livello, la qualità costruttiva e il design molto elegante. Io l'ho preso per un uso personale quindi senza utilizzo di applicativi troppo pesanti. I pregi ricalcano a pieno le caratteristiche che ricercavo in questo prodotto. Le note negative riguardano la delicatezza dello schasis agli urti anche lievi. Purtroppo, ma evidente conseguenze della copertura in metallo non troppo spessa per chiare ragioni di peso, espone questo notebook ad ammaccature e segni. <br>Per me comunque è un ottimo prodotto se riferito al prezzo d'acquisto che mi sento di consigliare. Ultimo consiglio , se potete rivolgetevi alla versione con 16gb di RAM visto che è saldata e non si può aggiungere successivamente.
Der Roller kam innert eines Monats. Er ist gut verarbeitet und bereitet viel Spaß. Leider kann ich damit nur im Urlaub in Frankreich legal fahren, hier in England ist er verboten (Geldstrafe und Punkte auf dem Führerschein). Nach einem Jahr funktioniert einer von zwei Rollen noch einwandfrei. Bei dem anderen ist der Batterie-Kontrolleur kaputt und wartet darauf eingelötet zu werden. Die Batterien sind noch einwandfrei. Die anderswo berichteten Probleme mit dem Klappmechanismus haben wir nicht gehabt.
Das Xiaomi Redmi 4x wurde als Zweitgerät gekauft und begeistert sehr. Die Akkulaufzeit ist prima, die Leistung des Prozessors reicht locker für Spiele und so selbstverständlich<br>auch für die täglichen Anforderungen.<br>Die Tonwiedergabe beim Telefonieren ist sehr gut: Sowohl<br>über Lautsprecher als auch Ohrhöhrer, als auch beim Gesprächspartner ist alles gut zu verstehen.<br>Der Akku ist sehr schnell geladen.<br>Ein feines Gerät für den täglichen Einsatz mit sehr handlichen Abmessungen.
I've been using this phone for almost 3 years and it still looks like a new one. Large display, strong battery and the latest update of MIUI OS version 11. Full support of the Slovak language and not blocked on any operator. The battery lasts about 3 days in normal use and, with fast charging, the phone is charged within an hour. The phone has a metal body and a relatively loud speaker. I definitely recommend a large and reliable phone to those who likes a big and reliable phone.
I bought this to cover 1000Mb net by service. I have house with 2 levels, and the signal can reach every single corner, with maximum range. Never brake it, and more than easy to setup by smartphone. It can reach more than 900Mb by wire, and around 350Mb by wifi. I think this is depend by at service as well.
Tive muito transtorno para obter o aparelho, acabei pagando um valor indevido entretanto o support da gearbest sempre foi muito atencioso com minhas questões. Mesmo com todos esses transtornos o telefone está funcionando perfeitamente e foi uma das melhores compras que fiz no site. Chegou a tempo, o suporte foi bom e o aparelho é muito bom. Não tenho do que reclamar.
Even if it is a phone from 2017, it has premium features even in 2020 and I don't think it will disappoint me in the coming years.<br>at its purchase price, I can declare myself super satisfied!<br>Congratulations!
Uzun zamandır kullanıyorum, çok memnunum. <br><br>Olumlu tarafları;<br><br>* Tartım değerlerini otomatik olarak Mi Fit uygulamasında görebiliyorum.<br>* Pili yaklaşık 1 yıl gidiyor./<br>* Çok hafif ve şık.<br>* Çocuklu aileler için bebek tartımı yapabiliyor.<br>* Benzerlerine göre daha yetenekli ve neredeyse aynı fiyat.<br><br>Olumsuz yanları;<br><br>* Üzerindeki su damlacıklarını silmek zor olabiliyor.<br>* Mi Fit de gösterilen denge ölçümü yapamadım.
I live in Bahrain but I change the location in the app to china but the device cannot be added in the app (I checked it with Huwawi router)<br><br>Then I tried with Xioami router, now everything is good and working except I still have orange light<br><br>any way the device is good but in Chinese language
This item is perfect protection for your Xioami power bank. Snug fit, good grip and decent protection at very good price. Couldn't be more satisfied. Totally recommend!
good earphones for this price rance<br>nice fit to ear<br>volume up and down buttons on earpiece<br>very satisfied to be honest
Need a 4K smart TV? If you have a 4K monitor this will make it perfect! Easy to use, great picture quality even with non-4K source, great sound with SPDIF audio, have it hooked up as the alternate source for my 4K gaming monitor and linked to 5.1 sound system.
As always Ml box is best cheap way to go compared to other chinese boxes , because it has a working 4k Netflix and chromecast . But you have to know that it comes with android 8 out of the box .
It's my first Xiaomi phone and I'm amazed with the performance, functionality and easy of use. <br><br>Guys and the battery, fast...ultrafast to charge and has 90% of times it's a one day duration.<br><br>For me It was a wondeful surprise. The got a customer for a long time.
отличный удлинитель Original Xiaomi 3 USB Charging Hub соответствует описанию,быстрая доставка ,рекомендую!<br>excellent extension cable Original Xiaomi 3 USB Charging Hub matches the description, fast delivery, I recommend!
I find this phone easy to use and maintain. No issues and I would sure buy it again. Of course with most phones they keep coming up with up grades and I will be moving to one. Sometimes I wonder why, this phone does everything I would expect in a phone. :)
Entrega antes do prazo. <br>Para um aparelho de entrada é surpreendente o desempenho que ele tem com os App cotidianos. A Redmi é uma linha da Xiaomi que tem surpreendido com excelentes aparelhos e estou muito satisfeito com uso. Falando da camera, não é uma critica, mas pelo preço é o resultado esperado. Apesar de que na versão 5 em diante as cameras já são muito boas.
I've had it for a year now and still going strong ...battery time goes for days, that's great!... it pairs with everything except my Sony Bravia TV ... <br>Although it may seem a bit big, It's confortable. I guess their policy is better safe than sorry. haha
Jedne z wygodniejszych butów jakie mialem. Można je przyrównać nawet do Adidas Ultraboost 19. Dodatkowy licznik kroków pozwala na śledzenie długości przebytej trasy. Łatwo i szybko można założyć, nie trzeba sznurować.
Compre esta computadora hace ya 2 años y la verdad me parece genial, abre todos los programas muy rapido, ademas de que tiene 16GB de ram y es muy bonita y resistente. <br><br>La comparara nuevamente.
I have been using this for quite some time and have no issues with it at all: it's durable, sticks to surfaces, hard to scratch, and most importantly, impresses almost everyone who looks at it :) <br><br>5/5.
I am very satisfied with my purchase, charger Xiaomi 10w good quality for nice price, ideal for every use, recommended product
Pedí hace dos años mi celular y todavía me funciona a la perfección. Lo único de lo que me arrepentí fue no haber pedido una funda en ese momento ya que en mi ciudad no pude encontrar funda de este modelo, tuve que pedirlo en linea también. Después mi novio también optó por cambiar a la marca Xiaomi cuando tuvo que hacerse de otro celular.
its ok for general monitoring. The app is not reliable to stream video. Unable to use the micro usb to transfer file. Had to physically remove the sd card out to transfer file to computer. USB cable on for power
This is a very nice phone. My first introduction to this type phone from a flip phone. I found it easy to use and set up the way I wanted it for calls and text without much trouble. I would recommend it of course
Das Telefon kam innert eines Monats. Ich hatte Probleme mit dem Display. Es ist jedoch im Schatten gut lesbar. Das Telefon ist ein Batteriewunder. Im Standby (Reisen) reicht sie für über eine Woche. Das verkürzt sich natürlich mit der Benutzung. Ich habe mir jetzt Das Redmi note 8pro gekauft und in damit sehr zufrieden.
2 years using this back pack and I still love it.<br>I always use it when I travel and its perfect. Great and durable materials.
I bought the phone for my wife. Sie still have it. It is very nice and till now everything is perfect. The phone works well and it had taken all the updates von miui till now. I recommend it