ZANMAX is a manufacturer specialized in outdoor gear and accessories, mechanical tools and more for repair, renowned for their combination of utility, protection and unparalleled innovation.

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4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 263 reviews

what people are saying
Gone are the hit and miss days of ""bake at 350 for two hours"" and hope that your roasts are done correctly. Nowadays we use instant read thermometers to guage our cooking time. If we go to a friends house for a BBQ I often toss the thermometer into our bag as my husband is often asked to grill. We have also been known to toss ours into the suitcase when traveling to timeshares, etc.<br>This thermometer is one of THE BEST out there. The unit turns on when you extend the probe. Once the probe is inserted the temperature is displayed in large, easy to read (code, you can see it without your readers!) digital display. When you are done and fold in the probe, the unit turns off.<br>I highly recommend this thermometer- we have purchased several and our friends have also purchased as well. I usually order in black and orange- it is not our kitchen color but it is easy to find on a crowded counter and also to find when taking other places.
My daughter got a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas, so I was in search of one for my son. I purchased this one because it had great reviews and I can see why. He loves it. It took him about 5 minutes to set up and he feels the sound quality is great. It has functions like being able to answer calls that he really doesn't use but for an adult that feature would great.
excellent product with good price <br>everything you need to repair your bike from change tire to upgrade your has bag so you can attached it to your bike,built quality, fast shipping <br>thank you seller,recommended
Although a bit heavy, the knife is built sturdy and finished well. The metal scales are diamond textured and provide excellent grip. The blades came razor sharp and well ground. All the tools are useful and when camping the little hook is great for carrying a hot kettle. I recommend this tool.
Bought these tools for BBQ party over the weekend. It didn't turn me down. The tools are very easy to use and the variety is great as well. The thing I like the most is how the tools are put into a bag and it's being organized very nicely. The quality is very good too, as well as the length of the tools.
le couteau est joli mais la qualité est très moyenne. La grande coupe bien mais c'est tout.<br>On est loin de la qualité swissarmy...mais pour le prix il ne faut pas s'attendre à des miracles.
This kettle is perfect for our needs, An excellent design feature is that Kitchen Aid put the electrical connection at the center of the base so the kettle makes a solid connection no matter how it is rotated
This is a great product! Does exactly what it purports to do, and very well. Make sure you have a lot of water in your bucket as this pump draws in the water fast to give a great steady shower!
Buena navaja. Estética de Buck 110. Buenas terminaciones. Ajustes correctos. Bien afilada. Con funda. Falta saber cómo es de sólida y qué tal el acero. A priori, por lo que cuesta, regalada.
Just started using this reel and love it. I have two of the spinning reels and have used them fo0r some time in salt water and they have been flawless. Great product at any price.
Quality build item, build from quality materials.<br>Very easy to use.<br><br>Came in special box (with foam inside) and wrapped very well.<br><br>Recommend!
Adorei , otimo produto com muita qualidada o material usado nela ... super indico levinha mais bem segura
Came in a nice paper box. Quite heavy and not that bad balanced. Good grip on it. Quality looks ok. Thick blade.
tiene varias piezas útiles, imantada , todo lo que uno necesita. aún me falta probar su duración y funcionamiento. pero Se ve de buena calidad.
Хорошая цена. Точно вычисляет температуру. Очень быстро реагирует. Очень много причин применения.
I was quite skeptical before ordering this product
Im amazed by this product. Its so useful. Thank you!! ;)))))